Tech Tee - Artist Series

Tech Tee - Artist Series

€ 49,90

Rock your favorite catch with a fresh look. The Tech Tee crew dials down the heat and cranks the comfort with an easy-breathing, moisture-wicking, sun-blocking fabric formula.

  • A lightweight jersey knit fabric that feels smooth and stretches with each cast, while wicking moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable in hot weather.
  • A hood built to protect your ears, neck, and back of your head from the sun.


  • 100% Polyester with moisture management + antimicrobial, 135 gsm
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HeiQ Fresh is a family of silver-free odor control textile technologies with ingredients that are either bio-based or mineral-based. HeiQ Fresh products tackle the real problem of smells on textiles effectively by adsorbing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound or the “smelly molecules”).

Durable freshness, odor control and pure air. Addresses body odors, environmental odors, fabric odors, as well as the accumulated effects on synthetic fibers (“permastink”). From industrial standard to exceptional efficiency and durability (guaranteed performance for the lifetime of the product). Used on 500 million garments a year. Most HeiQ Fresh products are EU BPR, EU REACH, US FIFRA, JP METI, JP SEK, CN IECSC, TK BPR compliant, bluesign approved and OEKO-TEX conform. Contains bio-based USDA certified products (in approval process). No impact on fabric properties such as breathability, hand feel or wicking. Applicable to all fiber types.