Regal Tube Fly Head

Regal Tube Fly Head

€ 299,90

Regal’s first-ever Tube Fly Head! This chuck-style vise head comes with 3 pins and is compatible with the Revolution and Medallion Series.

  • Chuck style tube vise with 3 pins
  • Utilizes head similar to all Regal heads for comfortable hand placement and easy tying
  • Head fits both Revolution and Medallion series vises
  • Chuck can directly hold pins and hard tubes
  • Chuck opens to hold up to 5/32 inch diameter (4mm diameter)
  • Vise / Head come with 3 pins
  • small – 1/32 inch diameter straight taped to 1/16 inch (.8 to 1.6mm)
  • medium – 1/16 inch diameter straight taped to 3/32 inch (1.6 to 2.4mm)
  • large – 3/32 inch diameter straight tapered to 1/8 inch (2.4 to 3.2mm)
  • Pins have a 2 ¾ inch section of uniform diameter that tapers to a larger end with flat sides to securely hold tubes
  • Pins can be cut to shorter lengths
  • Pins can be used in either direction
  • Slide tube onto pin then insert small end of pin into chuck and tighten thus pinching the tube between taper/flat end of the pin and chuck face
  • Grip flat large end in chuck and then slide tubes onto pin
    • Insert large end of pin into into head and tighten chuck on pin leaving a short section of pin exposed
  • Head is bored to allow more than 2 inches of the either end of pin to be inside the chuck and head
Article #:REG-HTUBE
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