McLean Salt Water Measure & Weigh XXL (Model R706)

McLean Salt Water Measure & Weigh XXL (Model R706)

€ 194,90

For landing, recording and releasing the biggest saltwater game fish out there.

  • Features a non-slip grip, measuring units on the handle, built-in weight (23 kilos), and a roomy frame filled with fine, fish-friendly rubber mesh
  • Accurately weigh your trophy catch, using calibrated weigh scales concealed in a watertight compartment, inside the handle.
  • Meet legal catch sizes/slot limits, using a measure scale.
  • Support sustainability, through reduced fish handling/time out of the water.
  • Retractable handle for stowage.
  • Optional carry strap.
  • Rubber mesh net bag

Maximum extended length: 166 cm
Frame size: 60 x 50 cm
Net bag depth: 80 cm

Article #:MA-R706
Availability: Yes


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