UV Infiniti Light

UV Infiniti Light

€ 74,90

Powerful enough for professional tyers and rechargeable using a standard USB cable, this is the light without limits. The UV Infiniti Light is the most powerful, most environmentally friendly light we’ve ever offered.
A note on the power output: Historically we have used wattsas a unit of measure because of its familiarity with users, and because it was helpful in illustrating the relative strength of our lights. With the introduction of the UV Infiniti Light, we encountered the need to explain the relative power of our lights differently. The UV Infiniti Light was designed as a 10W light. During development of the product a change in components lowered the wattage, but not the actual output of the light. In other words, it became more efficient in the same way that an LED bulb that uses 50 watts is far brighter than an incandescent bulb that uses 50 watts.

  • UV light for curing Loon’s UV resins
  • 1 Watt outpul
  • Rechargeable using USB cable (included)
  • Uses 1 18659 batter (included)
  • On/Off switch indicates power level
Article #:F6103
Availability: Yes


While indoors or shaded from the sun apply Loon UV product and form into desired shape. To cure, shine UV Infiniti Light on UV product. UV product should be fully cured and hardened in 15 seconds.

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