Razor Scissor 4'' - Black

Razor Scissor 4'' - Black

€ 34,90

Appropriately named, this is a razor sharp pair of scissors. One of the straight blades is serrated, and the other is non-serrated, aiding in grabbing of materials to eliminate material slip. The knurled tension knob allows for adjustments to specific applications.

  • 4’’ (10,1cm) scissors
  • Hand-honed in the USA
  • Knurled tension knob
  • Blades: one smooth one serrated
  • Powder coated grip
Article #:F6988
Availability: Yes


Adjust tensioning knob to personal preference in order to optimize performance.
For best results and longevity, abstain from cutting wire, metal or hard plastics and store with tip covers in place.

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