European SIMMS Warranty

European SIMMS warranty

FFE stand behind Simms products for the expected lifetime of materials and craftsmanship. This will vary based on use and product style. For instance, professional guides will use their gear for work wear every day and will wear their gear out faster than a casual angler who might fish 20 days per year. The Simms warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, accidents, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended use and time.

All defective or damaged products must be returned to FFE for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of FFE (see how to return a Simms product at the bottom of page).

Please Note! Self-Repairs on seams in waders and jackets can affect the warranty. Self-repairs can make it impossible for the Repair Technicians to locate and repair leaks in the area in question. In worst case a product will be impossible to repair and will therefore be deemed as Beyond Repair/Worn Out.

What does “expected lifetime of materials and craftsmanship” means?
It means the life of the product, not the life time of the owner. When the product eventually is Worn Out by improper use, care or normal wear and tear all warranties cease to exist.

There will not be any service offered on products that are deemed beyond repair or worn out.


1 Return the product to the dealer where it was purchased together with the original receipt. The dealer will ship the product to our repair center.

2 When you are returning products back to FFE for repair or warranty service, please ensure the items are completely clean and dry. A product received in a non-serviceable condition will be returned "as is" at our discretion and the owner will be charged for the return shipment.

3 FFE is not responsible for lost items. Please empty all pockets and remove any accessories such as fly boxes, retractors, belts or fly patches etc. Remove studs and cleats from boots before return. Any lost items will not be replaced by FFE.