Care and Maintenance - Waterworks-Lamson

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Waterworks-Lamson Reel Maintenance and Care

1.  Do not remove the drag knob or the two-holed nut in the center of the drag knob for any reason.

2.  Always ensure the Gland Cap is tight, especially before using the reel the first time or after reversing the retrieve direction. Be sure to periodically check that the cap is on securely; it should always be firmly tightened by hand, do not use a tool. The Gland Cap should seat completely on the drag cylinder when installed properly.

3.  The drag system is meant to operate lubrication free. Do not use any type of oil or lubricant in or around the drag system. A small amount of WD-40 may be applied to the retrieve handle in order to remove any dirt build up between the handle and the handle shaft.

4.  Freshwater Use: Occasionally rinse your reel thoroughly under fresh running water and wipe the spool and frame to remove any debris or dirt build up. Be sure to wipe down the spindle on the spool and keep it free of debris.

Saltwater Use

Be sure to rinse the reel under fresh running water after every use in a salt environment. Occasionally rinse the drag by doing the following:

1.  Remove the spool, unscrew the gland cap and remove the red and silver clutch assembly.

2.  Rinse all components including the inside of the drag cylinder thoroughly with fresh running water.

3.  Allow all components to dry completely before reassembly. 

* Only maintenance required on the LiteSpeed Marine and Cobalt are just to rinse the reel thoroughly with fresh running water after every use in the salt.