Marco Polo Fly Tying System

Marco Polo Fly Tying System

€ 549,00

FT-1000 “Marco Polo”Fly Tying System is for serious use on fishing trips. The
design started with our Large Waterproof Case, and we built the system around it
to create a minimal yet fully functional fly tying tool kit. Travel neat, tie
well, and fish hard.


  • The ultimate travel tying kit centering around the vise that shares the same jaw as Reference’s. Hook range #5/0 - #32
  • The vise jaw rotates 360 degrees on its axis
  • The shell functions as tool stand while tying


  • CFT-900 - Vise

  • CFT-60 -Bobbin Holder (standard size)

  • CFT-65ST -Spare Threader

  • CFT-60/T -3-in-1 Bobbin Kit

  • CFT-80/S -2-in-1 Hair Stacker

  • CFT-70 -3-in-1 Dubbing Brush

  • CFT-90 -3-in-1 Half Hitcher

  • CFT-100 -Dubbing Twister Plus

  • CFT-110 -2-in-1 Whip Finisher

  • CFT-120 -Hackle Pliers

  • TS/1 -Tying Scissors (curved blade)

  • Hook Pallet

  • Tool Stand

  • Bobbin Hanger

    • Hooks and threads in the picture are not included

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